Mailing List Development

We offer custom mailing lists for business and residential mailings. If you can describe your ideal customer or list demographic attributes you can narrow the focus of your direct mail campaign. Our targeted mailing lists work to improve your response rates and maximize your advertising ROI. Our custom mailing lists can help you to:

  • Control Costs by mailing to only qualified recipients.
  • Save Time by letting us quickly obtain the exact information that you need.
  • Prevent Waste by performing list hygiene services such as duplicate removal and NCOA (National Change of Address) processing.
  • Increase Sales by using our lists for follow–up work.

Do you have in–house mailing lists, business cards or miscellaneous lead sources? We can compile data from multiple sources, clean it up and combine it with a new prospect list to use it as the basis for your new direct mail campaign. Let us provide or build the mailing list that best serves your needs. Call us today! We can pull a FREE list count and provide all cost information for your Custom Mailing List needs!